Sunday, April 27, 2014

Splitboarding Solitude- 4.27.2014

We got another blast of wet cold weather which drenched the valley with much needed rain, and put up 8-12" of snow in the mountains. I connected with my good friend Chris and we headed up to climb the summer road to get some no pressure pow turns. The snow was a mix of windblown grauple, and powder. It made uphill travel a cinch. The climb was great, with the sun peeping out of the clouds, and mini blizzards blasting us in the face all the way up to the ridge. Once we got up top, the sun was playing with shadows on the mountains across the road. It was awesome to watch, and we stayed up there for a bit enjoying the view. We broke it all down and went into snowboard mode, and we dropped the Sunshine Bowl with creamy turns to enjoy. We had a great run all the way to the base, and then enjoyed the sunlight that would occasionally play with the aspects lighting them up. It was awesome to see. Not to many more days like this left, so I for sure enjoyed this one a lot. Enjoy the photos and video in the edit below. Shred ya later!

Solitude Tour 4 27 14 from Christian Paul on Vimeo.

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