Monday, February 25, 2013

Last Sunday Funday February- 2.24.2013

Sundays have been money this season. And this one did not disappoint. I connected with my good friend Jeremy, one of my favorite people to snowboard with. After waiting like an hour to get up Little Cottonwood Canyon because of the road closure overnight, it was game on. Patience was gonna pay off on this day because things were obviously going to be delayed. We started off on Wilbere waiting for P-Dog to open, and as soon as we saw bodies loading, we made haste to get over there. All I can say to you is this is the snow that legendary days are made of. It was deep, fluffy, and ultralight! We rode miles of powder. I learned kind of by accident learned how to do frontside 180's, and was taking advantage of trying those with the soft landings that this snow provided us. So many slashers! This was by far the best pow day of the season, and we strategically kept away from the crowds and got ours. Good times for sure, and a great way to put a wrap on Sundays for the month of February. More season to go, and our mountain is primed! Much needed paint job, and this will for sure extend our season. Enjoy the video!

Last Sunday Funday February 13' 2.24.2013 from Christian Paul on Vimeo.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

For The Love-

There is nothing more that I love than being in the mountains. It seems that the magical moments in life for me happen in the mountains. Never a dull moment on the trail or on the snow. Snowboarding is something special to me. I have been a skater all my life, and learned to snowboard a long time ago. Went away from it, and came back to it when I returned to Utah in 2005. I used to just hike spring to fall, then busy with the monotony of life, I just did not spend time on it in the winter like I should have. I am glad I came back to it. For nothing other than just to be able to be in the mountains year round. Snowboarding has given me that. Since February has a holiday based around love, seemed fitting that we would get a couple of storms to get me out to do what I love. February 10th brought some Sunday Funday ultralight snow at Snowbird, and it did not disappoint. Floaty runs in the snow that makes Utah famous. Got part of the day to ride with my friend Jeremy, so bonus all around. February 14th was Valentines Day, and Little Cottonwood Canyon served up a much under reported 2" (Try like 5-6" on certain aspects) of fluffy love for us. The day started out sopped in which felt like you were in a milk bottle. But the snow was so good, it did not matter. The backside was delayed, so I rode Peruvian until the backside got the open signal. Then it was bluebird pick your smooth line and ride some really fast snow. Highlights of the day were the Knucklehead and Tower III on the Cirque. Getting out on the Cirque is a rocky road, so caution was needed to get out unscathed. The turns were very nice and it made all that effort worth it. The magic of Little Cottonwood Canyon is a special thing to have in my life, and I do love being up there. Enjoy the video- do what you love!

For The Love 2 10 14 13 from Christian Paul on Vimeo.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

February Begins- 2.1.2013

After being off my snowboard for a week due to a heel and arch injury, this was my first day back on the hill. I honestly did not know what to expect, and how things were gonna go. I headed out on the front side for some laps as Mineral Basin had not been open in two days. And it had been snowing all week. I made my way in Peruvian and on the Gad side of things, then headed to the peak on some inside info that the Basin was about to open. Just as I dropped from the peak they pulled the rope and it was on! Some really smooth and creamy supportable snow, great for slashing surf style turns, and going really fast with the grauple that was in it. I has some great runs, and was for sure grateful that I was back snowboarding again. I spent the majority of my day back in Mineral, but did hit the Cirque, and hiked a Baldy to come home. All in all a great day, really stoked I got to ride some of the goods that I was for sure figuring that I was going to miss because of downtime for my foot. Enjoy the video, more adventures to come!

February Begins- 2.1.2013 from Christian Paul on Vimeo.