Thursday, April 3, 2014

No April Foolin'- 3.31/ Solitude/Snowbird/Brighton

Powder days are special. They are the one thing as a snowboarder I live for. Getting one is a gift indeed. Getting three of them in a row, on three different mountains is something that happens on a rare occasion. We had a series of storms that over produced from Sunday night into Wednesday. Monday was a bluebird pow day at Solitude, with so much good snow everywhere. It was nice to get one of those, since all the storms recently have been storm riding. I lapped the whole mountain enjoying the creamy treat provided by mother nature. Tuesday I was treated to a day at Snowbird with my friend Mike. This was by far one of the best days of the season. We rolled into Entry 2 at 8:40, and there were six cars. Gadzoom lot was empty. High fives were in order and we proceeded to the Tram. Walk on Tram and Lifts on a day like this is a treat! It was knee to waist deep everywhere, and you could not find a bad run on the mountain to save your life. The new Gad II is really nice, and they have done a great job with the terrain up there this season. More face shots than you could shake a stick at. After two amazing powder days, you would think it was all said and done? Nope! I woke up Wednesday morning, and Brighton was holding the goods. I lapped Great Western for most of the morning, getting some great snow, and once again meeting up with Mike and his friend Justin. After they departed for Molly Green's beers, I decided to head over to Snake Creek. It just started dumping so hard! It quickly started to fill everything back in, and once again the whole mountain was in play. I finished out the day on Crest, still finding the goods at 3 PM! I rode so much powder over the last three days, my legs are shot! It is safe to say I have Mad Pow Disease after this three day powder extravaganza! Our snowpack is prime, and things are all time! Enjoy this edit from the last three days. Things are getting down to it, so pray for snow!

No April Foolin' 3.31/ 4.1.2. 2014 from Christian Paul on Vimeo.

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