Saturday, April 20, 2013

April Delivers- 4.20.2013

As the majority of the resorts are closed or in their last week of operations, the Bird is still going strong. Looks like winter was saving some of the best for last this season. April has been incredible with how much snow we have received. I got to hit the mountain Friday, and for one epic powder day on Saturday. Friday the snow was still in great condition, with some wind transport, and some smooth lines, riding was so much fun. A cold and fast storm came in Friday night, dumping some 10% water content goods up Little Cottonwood Canyon. I made an early jaunt up to Snowbird, and caught first Tram up. It was Regulator only, but I still found some very nice snow on the way back to the frontside. Since Peruvian Gulch and Mineral Basin were delayed, I lapped it up in Gad Valley since this will be the last time we ride Gadzoom this season. After a couple of laps on Zoom, I headed over to Wilbere for some really fun fluffy laps. Then I got some inside info that Peruvian was about 20 minutes from opening, so off to the Tram I raced. I did not have to wait long, and as soon as I reached the peak, they pulled the rope to P-Gulch. From top to bottom was great snow and just incredible! Some of the deepest snow of the day. I decided that a Gad Chutes was in order, and what a great choice it was! Face shots and smooth snow were the reward for taking a chance. I headed back to the Tram to continue my assault on Peruvian Gulch. As we docked at the top, Mineral Basin opened. I headed straight for Chamonix, and enjoyed the untracked creaminess all the way to the lift. It was so good, I went three times for the same line, and it was just as good as the first. After a few more, the crowd got the hint that Mineral was open, so I headed back to Peruvian Gulch to take advantage of the low traffic and easy on Trams. Black Jack opened, and it was good! It was epic day on all accounts, and a nice way to wind down April with some powder. Enjoy the video I put together from my day today, and pray old man winter might have one or two more of these for us before we are done.

April Delivers- 4.20.2013 from Christian Paul on Vimeo.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

April Bonus- 4.9.2013

Just when everyone thought this season was done, mother nature had other plans. A surprise storm ripped through the Wasatch on Monday dropping some really dense 10% water content snow. It was a treat to get this since I have been off for over a week because of the worst cold I have had in over ten years. Being back in the saddle meant some shredding was in order. It was so good everywhere you went, and the traffic was minimal compared to just a few weeks back. I made the best of it, as these storms this late in the season are a bonus. Thursday was a repeat, with even less traffic on the hill, and some afternoon bluebird action to boot. I busted out 20,000 ft of vert on Thursday, riding most of the day that the resort was open. They pulled the rope to Road To Provo about 1 PM, and just when you thought it could not get better, my first run was untracked all the way from top to the Little Cloud lift. What an amazing day, the kind that you live for snowboarding. Friday was a leftovers day with the high north holding the cold smoke, and the west and south facing exposures lower on the mountain took quite a bit of time to soften up. This weekend is closing day for most of the resorts in Utah. Snowbird will run till late May, and Brighton has one more week and will be closing next weekend. Enjoy the video, as we get down to it. Won't be long now before we are putting away the winter gear and heading out to the wilderness.

April Bonus- 4.9.2013 from Christian Paul on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Crash/First Day Hike For 2013

This was a crazy month for me. A lot of things happening and changing, which is definitely in line with Spring arriving here. This last Tuesday I was riding Snowbird and having a great day, when heading to the base I was hit by a skier. I was probably going 40 MPH when she clipped the back end of my snowboard and sent me head first onto my back and shoulders and head. I really don't remember much after the impact, until I got my senses back. Kind of a white blur. As I laid there in a half daze trying to regain myself, the lady says "You should apologize to me, it was your fault." I just looked up at her and said, "Who is the one on the ground and who is standing up Ma'am?" She skied off not even asking if I was ok. Half groggy, I made my way to the base, and home to lick my wounds. I must say, if you ever wanted to know why to wear a helmet, this was a prime example of why you would do so. Needless to say, after my reflection on what happened, I have come to conclude that she violated the skier's code on several accounts. I won't hold a grudge, and I wish her the best. Could have been a lot worse. In short, I rang the bell pretty good, but I live to ride another day.

The last Saturday of March brought 70 degree temperatures, and blue skies. The crew had decided to hike up to one of my regular stops- Bells Canyon. It was a nice walk up there, and around the lake. Finally settled in for some fishing. I had no luck, but a couple of people in our group landed some nice cutty's! The scenery is right out of winter, but still fulfilling. It was nice to be up relaxing in the mountains, dreaming about backpacking once more. These are the days you realize that it won't be long before you are packing it off into the wilderness. Enjoy the pics, April is upon us, more adventures to come!