Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Late Season Birdie Pow- 4.28.2014- Snowbird

Some times you get it good, and sometimes you get it really good! I had a pass to Snowbird to use that I have been saving to ride on, and by all accounts I picked the right day to use it. With 14" of snow overnight, it was a powder feast up Little Cottonwood Canyon. The Tram was severely delayed due to the avalanche control that was being done on the mountain. I headed for Wilbere, since it was the only chair running to start the day off. I found some really great snow over there to slash it up in. Wilbere gives you a birds eye view (No pun intended) of the Peruvian Chair and the Tram, so when the festivities kick off over there, you get to see it. Finally after five or six runs, I saw them load the Peruvian chair. I made a mad traverse over there to see what P-Gulch was offering up. So deep up there, and unusually cold for this time of year. It was snowing the whole time, and the conditions were all time. I made my way back to the base to be a Tram dweller to get access to the top. I did a run out Gad Valley with some really great untracked lines. Also hit the Cirque and Gad Chutes to make it a full set up there. I lapped the Peruvian Chair again, when I got word they were going to open Road to Provo. I made haste and got up the Tram and dropped into to zero visibility and wind built whoop-dee-doo's that you could not see. I carefully made my way out to Mark Malu, and dropped off the cat track and started spraying cold smoke. This was by far the deepest and most consistent snow I found on the mountain. After getting my fill, I ran a lap out of Gad Valley one more time, realizing that the lower part of that area was untouched. I did multiple laps over there, spraying cold smoke until about 3 PM when my legs finally gave out. I rode from 9 AM to 3 PM! Huge day up there! It has been a great week touring and to get a Birdie Pow day to top it all off was the icing on the cake for sure. Not sure how many more days I will ride this season. Alta closes this weekend, and that opens up touring in that terrain next week. Frankly, if this was my last day this season, I would not complain. It would be hard to imagine it getting any better than it has been this last week. It has been a great season regardless. Just nice to be on the mountain slashing it up again. Enjoy the short edit from yesterday with the best video I had due to visibility on the mountain being nill at times. Cheers to all!

Late Season Birdie Pow 4 28 14 from Christian Paul on Vimeo.

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