Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Deer Creek/Green Lake, Dixie National Forest, Utah- May 2013

Finally, it was time to hit the trail. This was my first backpacking trip of the season, and a good one at that. The Uintas are still snow bound, and a few weeks out, but Boulder Mountain has melted all the way off, and the area is in the early stages of spring. This is an awesome area, and unique in the wilderness systems here in Utah. After catching my last turns until next winter on Friday, me and my friend Dave headed for Torrey to access HWY 12. We arrived in the evening, and had a beautiful walk in. After taking in a great sunset on the march to the Great Western Trail, we arrived at the junction to watch the moon come up over the tree tops. This was really neat as the moon was huge, and lit up everything. We continued on, and were just really loving the temps and the moon light. We got to the Deer Creek junction and it was starting to get dark. So we made haste to get to the camp spot. We found a great spot, sheltered and has everything you would need. We settled in for a fire and some dinner, then it was lights out.

I had a great nights sleep, and awoke to sunshine and mild temps. We got it together after breakfast and decided to give fishing a whirl. We made our way up to Green Lake, and gave it a shot at catching a fish. This is a picturesque lake tucked in on a scree shelf that is really isolated from the rest of the area. I was trying out my new fly rod on this trip, and only had a couple of bites, but I did not land one. We could see big fish swimming in there, but I tried everything I had with me fly wise, and to no avail. Still nice to be out there in the sunshine fishing the day away. As evening gave way, we headed back to camp after giving Deer Creek Lake a shot, which also only produced a bite or two, but nothing landed. We made our way back to camp, and got a good fire going. Temps were a bit colder this night, so the fire was for sure a great thing to have. I stayed up and shot some photography, getting some great images. A really nice star trail too which the full moon light painted my foreground for me. Sunday was time to head home, which always leaves me torn on wanting to stay or go. I could have used a few more days out there.

On our way out, there had been three dad/son combo's sleeping just on the other side of the ridge we were camped next to. They packed up and just left their fire still hot with smoldering logs and hot coals in very windy conditions. We put the fire pit all the way out, saving what could have been a potential danger to the area. All in all it was a great weekend, and very nice to be out in the woods backpacking again. Enjoy the slide show below of pics from the trip, and this party has just started, more to come this summer for sure.
djnebula's Deer Creek Lake Dixie National Forest Utah album on Photobucket

Friday, May 24, 2013

Last Sunday Funday- Snowbird- 5.19.2013

This was the last Sunday of the season for me. Sunday is an awesome day in Utah to be snowboarding. Most of the residents are in church, and the tourists are usually late risers or leaving, so it is like locals only day on the mountain. We got a quick skiff of late snow on Saturday that was a foot deep in places. It was spring snow, so grabby and not fluid like the cold smoke we love. I rode everything that was open, and took Peruvian Gulch, which is now considered backcountry, all the way to the base. It is melting out fast now. But the last minute storm preserved it for one more weekend. A fun day, no land speed record with how sticky things were, but still fun to be getting some fresh turns this late in the season. I may take a lap or two this Friday to kick off the holiday weekend. I am doing my first backpacking trip this season this weekend, so timing will determine everything. Here is a video of last Sundays sliding up Little Cottonwood. Snowbird will run this Fri-Mon for Memorial Day Weekend. Then that is it for lift served turns this season in Utah. Get em' while you can. Enjoy the video, and have a safe, fun holiday weekend. Let the backpacking season begin!

Last Sunday Funday 12/13 Season 5.19.2013 from Christian Paul on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring Snowboarding/Bells Canyon 4.26-28.2013

The warmth has arrived. Our mountain was in full thaw on Friday. Mashed potatoes everywhere. I did manage to get some cold smoke out on Mark Malu, and Peruvian Gulch was really fun and fast. Even Regulator was good in the AM. Saturday had me hitting the trail to do some wandering and some photography. After a nice loop through Bells Canyon, I settled in lake side and did some fishing. It was nice to be up in the mountains, not a care in the world, and just casting out there. I did land a nice 15" fish before it was time to call it and head down. Sunday was even warmer, and even found some corn on some really smooth areas. The bottom of the mountain was glue by 12:30 pm. It was 56 degrees on the Tram deck when I got done. A great weekend to say the least. Snowbird is the only show in town now. And they have one more week to go then it is weekends only. I sense backpacking season is not far away. Enjoy the slideshow.
djnebula's Spring Conditions_Bells Canyon- 4_26_27_28_2013 album on Photobucket

Star Trails Shot Of Skyline Arch the Winner of the Antzl Projects "Sunday Challenge"

I have been following the Antzl Project on Facebook for quite some time. It is a great place to put up new work and see what kind of feed back you get. Plus Kevin at the Antzl Project prints top quality canvas for photography at incredible prices for the quality of workmanship you get. I was honored when they picked my shot for the Staff Pick Winner for the Sunday Challenge. The layout is amazing, and I am really happy with how this turned out. Make sure you stop by and see all the great photography on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheAntzlProject If you are interested in one of these canvases for your wall, shoot me an email at christianpaulphotography@gmail.com