Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Splitboarding Brighton- 4.23.2014

We had a huge storm with killer winds drive through Utah yesterday. It caused huge damage in the valley. But it dumped a good 3-4" of fresh up Big Cottonwood Canyon. I threw the split in the car and headed up. It was a ghost town up there. Only one snowmobile track in the whole hill. I skinned up to just below Crest, for the top was wind stripped clean. The snow was smooth and wind buffed, so knowing which way the wind blows was to work to your advantage. I stayed near the trees, and got some really nice turns all the way to the car. I have been so busy shredding the 'Tude all season, I forgot how much fun and no pressure splitboarding is. The cardio on the way up was great, and the ride home is just what I needed. I hope we get a few more skiffs like this so I can tour some more before it is all done. Below are a few photos and a short edit of my ride up there today. It was beautiful, lightly snowing on the way up, and sun peeking in and out of the clouds. Big Cottonwood is beautiful. Few more days this season for me, then this party is over. Get it while you can!

Brighton Tour 4 23 14 from Christian Paul on Vimeo.

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