Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Retrospective- Christian Paul Photography

If I had to guess what 2011 was going to be like, I would have not even come close to what is in this video. This retrospective reflects the last year, by month, from January to December 2011. It has been a wild year, and I cannot believe all the adventures I had, the heart aches, the triumphs, the tribulations I have been through. When creating this recount, it was amazing to see all the places I had been, and people I have shared adventures with. And through it all, I learned even more about myself and how important family and good friends really are. I hope you enjoy this trip in time through this passing year- 2011. I wonder what 2012 will bring?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cruisers At The Bird- 12.26.2011

After taking a few days off from the last storm and to spend some time with my family for xmas, I got the message that Fryer was going to be up at da Bird for the day. Not something I was gonna miss out on. Got up there about 10 and threw the boots on. Started out on Peruvian where the snow, surprisingly was really good. We took a few laps there and decided to go find the sun. Tram to Regs it was, down to my first Little Cloud of the season. Rough traverse to get back to Regs. Some Gadzoom fun and back to P-dog to finish the day out. A great day riding with my friends, sunshine and good snow. Our thin season so far has to be a matter of perspective if you are going to have fun. Mother Nature does what she does, and so should we.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Freshies- Snowbird- 12.21 & 22.2011

We finally got some snow! Wednesday the 21st was really windy as the front moved in. The temps dropped fast and it was scouring the surface. Getting some wind buffed turns was fun, but it was hard to see up top to say the least. Then about 1 pm, the storm came in full force and was dumping like mad! Made for some fun afternoon turns before calling it a day. Thursday the 22nd was our first bluebird pow day of the year. Gad II opened for the season, and between the fresh tracks we got in Peruvian Gulch and in Gad Valley, the run off Gad II was the icing on the cake, Very fluffy over there, and a ton of fun riding. It was nice to have some soft snow under the board, and to be slashing some fresh for most of the day. Merry Christmas to everyone!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Soly Shuffle- Solitude- 12.14.2011

We finally got some snow! I got an invite to shred Solitude with my good friends Phil and Scotty. This was not something I was going to miss out on. We started off on Eagle and rode the whole resort. The snow was in great condition, lots of little things to jump off of and really fast laps. Even a few freshies off trail with no hidden surprises. It is still a very early season snow pack, so you have to be careful, but the coverage was good and you could venture most places on the mountain. It was obvious where you did not want to be, and we stayed away from those. Solitude is like a playground, so much stuff to do and play on, steeps, trees, cutouts, it is a snowboarders paradise. In all, it was a great day, perfect to be in the mountains.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Occupy P-Dog- Peruvian Gulch Opens- 12.9.2011

Finally! After waiting for what seemed like forever, Peruvian Gulch and the P-Dog chair opened today! The snow was in excellent condition for how little we have had in accumulation. Runs from the peak and off the chair were fast and smooth! Even went a bit off trail, not too far off, there is some nastiness still exposed out there that you would not want to meet. It would probably destroy your gear, if not you! Got to shred the day with my favorite riding partner, Jeremy who I spent the entire record breaking season of 10/11 with riding. It was just like good old times, fast laps and lost of sprayin' to be had! Now if we could get one of those massive storm cycles to put a bit more of the mountain in play. Never the less, a fantastic day riding, bluebird skies and snowboarding- nothing can beat that!

Friday, December 9, 2011

December Begins-

Fun couple of days riding the Bird. We have not gotten our usual snow so far this year, so with the limited terrain open, we have to make the best of it. Friday 12.2 was a fun day as the snow had softened up and the runs were wide open and you could really mach it. Sunday 12.4 was some new snow, fun to ride, but visibility was low at times, making it a challenge to really open it up. Still good times, and we are waiting for winter to give us the goods. P-Dog opens today at the Bird, so I will be posting that this weekend after I edit the video. Pray 4 Snow!