Monday, June 26, 2017

Mill D to Dog Lake, Big Cottonwood Canyon- 6.25.2017

I was able to get out in the Wasatch on a beautiful Sunday. The trail in was lush with wildflowers starting to bloom in full force. It was warm as I expected, and the walk in was just what I needed. The trail into the stream crossing was a bit busy as there were bikers and hikers going both ways. Once we passed the stream crossing it was pretty deserted only passing a couple of people on the way up to Dog Lake. Arriving at Dog Lake we pulled up some shade and took a break. After a while we circled the basin around the lake taking in all the color and how lush things are this year. The hike out was evening time, so the shadows and light make the bluebells pop very bright. It was nice to be in the mountains again. Enjoy the pics! More adventures to come!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Willow Heights, Big Cottonwood Canyon- 6.18.2017

Finally, after what seemed like forever, the snow is melting out. I took a chance on a recon mission up to Willow Heights to see how things are doing in the alpine. It was a pleasant walk in on the trail. The heat was for sure letting me know it was there. The bluebells on the way in are blooming larger than I have ever seen them. After a nice push to the upper meadow I stood at the edge of Willow Heights lake. Did I mention bluebells everywhere? I decided to make a nice loop up above the lake to see how squishy things were since the snow had just melted out. There were a couple of spots that were really muddy, but for the most part it was dry trail. For how busy the canyon was it was rather quiet up here. After circumnavigating the basin, I pulled up an aspen log and took in some shade for a bit. It was really nice to be in the quiet and hear the birds sing. The hike out was just wonderful and the color from the wildflowers was popping. Its great to be back on the dirt path. Enjoy the pics, more adventures to come!