Monday, July 22, 2013

Cuberant Basin, Uinta Mountains- July 2013

After four years, I finally got to get out on the trail with my best friend Jared. We decided that Cuberant would be a good choice for Jared since it has been a while since he has been out on the trail. We headed in from Pass Lake Trail Head which leads to Reids Meadow. The temps were extra warm, so we were feeling the heat. We made a quick push for the junction, and then headed for the pass. It was not long after the pass that we found ourselves at Cuberant #3. We set up shop and got our fishing on. I landed a Cutty in Cuberant #3. This was odd, because this lake holds Brook Trout. I have never seen a Cutthroat in this lake. After hours of fishing, dusk started to set in and we settled in for some dinner and a nice fire. There was a full moon this weekend, so star trails were just not going to be an option. But I did still manage to get some fun night shots. The temps were unusually warm for the Uintas.

I had to shed layers in my sleeping bag because I was broiling with how warm it was over night. We awoke to the sounds of a Wood Pecker tapping out a tree. We made coffee, then made plans to tour the basin that day. We got it together and headed up to Cuberant #2. I landed a couple of small, but very fun Cutty's. After a bit, it was up to Cuberant #1. We fished there for a while, but it is a hard lake to use a fly rod at, as there is not a lot of back casting room at this lake. When we got tired of being at #1, we headed up to Cuberant #4. It was fairly windy up there, and it made casting rather difficult for me, but Jared was in good with his spinner rod. We decided to make the loop through Moose Tracks pond and Spooky pond to get back to our lake. This was an awesome adventure, lots of bushwhacking, and we ended up on top of the cliffs that were above Cuberant #3. The view was fantastic up there. We settled in to Cuberant #3 for the rest of the evening, and I landed us a nice Brookie for dinner.

Twilight set in for our final night, and this night was a bit colder than the previous. We had a nice fire and just enjoyed the wilderness at night. After some much needed rest, we woke up to some coffee and breakfast, and then we broke camp. We then headed out, making a swift push for the pass. Once over the pass, we made haste for the cold ones we had waiting for us at the car. It was a nice hike out, great day to be in the Uintas. This was a great weekend, being out with my best friend, and just enjoying the wilderness. Enjoy the slide show, we have now passed the half way mark of summer. More adventures to come!
djnebula's Cuberant Basin July 2013 album on Photobucket

Monday, July 15, 2013

Catherine Pass, Little Cottonwood Canyon- July 2013

After getting skunked out last Saturday by a huge thunderstorm, I headed back to Catherine Pass. This is one of my all time favorite hikes, so I make it a point to visit this one a few times a year. As it would be we have the monsoon flow going, so after noon thunderstorms are a reality. I hit this up early and pushed pretty hard to the pass. I did stop for a few photos, but it was a steady drizzle till I got to the meadow. Then it just kind of let up and broke up. Still cloudy, but not raining anymore. With bits and pieces of blue popping here and there. I made my way up to the pass and realized, I am alone up here. This rarely happens, this is a pretty popular and busy trail. I watched as the clouds grew darker and started to build, so after some camera fun and a bit to take in the view, I decided to make my way down and take some flower photos along the way. What an awesome hike both up and down. I even got to see the elusive "White Paintbrush." I have seen them before, but they are very rare, as Indian Paintbrush typically is orange, red, purple or in rare cases bright green. I took a quick stop at a rock field, and saw a Marmot. I love seeing those, it gives you a sense of how the ecosystem is doing. Good signs! I made it to the car, and the storms just started breaking up. Great way to spend a Friday! Enjoy the slideshow from this hike, and more to come!
djnebula's Catherine Pass July 2013 album on Photobucket

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Camp @ Ibantik in the August 2013 Backpacker Magazine

This is a huge honor having one of my images in Backpacker Magazine. I have been reading this magazine for years, and when they chose my Camp @ Ibantik shot for the article on Ibantik Lake for the August issue, I have to say I was pretty stoked! This was from a solo adventure up there for my birthday last year. I would have never imagined my image would get published. I am grateful that I get to shoot such beautiful places, and share my images with everyone. Pick up the new issue of Backpacker, it has some great articles this month.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Brighton Lakes Trail, Big Cottonwood Canyon- July 2013

It has been a few years since I have done a hike to Lake Catherine from the Big Cottonwood side of the range. I had a unusual Wednesday off, so I figured with the valley a boiling pot of hot stagnant air, what a better day than to head up to the mountains. I started at Brighton, and began the climb. This is not a hard trail, it is just a lot of wandering. I made my way past the ski lifts and up through the meadow, and then to the junction that takes you up to Dog Lake and Lake Mary. The foliage has grown so thick in here, I almost did not recognize Dog Lake with how thick the flowers were up there. After a quick visit to Dog Lake, I made my way up to Lake Mary. I only stayed a few minutes to snap a few shots and take in the view. Then it was up to Lake Martha. There was a Bull Moose eating the new plants on the shore, and I only stopped for a minute to check him out and snap a shot. Up the switchbacks I climbed, until I got to a nice overlook of Clayton Peak. After a bit, I found myself strolling up to Lake Catherine. I got there and the fish were jumping, so out came the fly rod. In minutes I had one on, and the party began. I fished for a few hours, all around the lake. My luck was good, and I feel pretty strong now with the fly rod. After catching my fill, I soaked in the view for a bit, then it was time to take an evening stroll back down the way I came. The temperatures were perfect, and the evening light was making all the flowers just pop! I miss just wandering the Wasatch. This reminded me of how great a place we live. We are lucky to have these mountains, and the treasures they always share when you visit them. Enjoy the slide show, more adventures to come.
djnebula's Brighton Lakes Trail 2013 album on Photobucket