Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Closing Day- Solitude Mountain Resort- 4.20.14

Well, it had to end sometime. What a day it was. I was expecting it to be crowded like other closing days I have had. But this was wide open slopes and really fast sorbet. It was a light turn out at the 'Tude. I had some really fun runs, and got to see the rad crew that works the lifts up there, and to be on this mountain once more. It has been a great season up there. I have had so many fun powdery days riding up there. There is no pressure ever on terrain when you ride there. Always seems to be enough powder to go around. Special thanks to the Solitude FOG's for the amazing food and hospitality. You made a migrating rider from another mountain feel right at home. Probably a few more days touring and riding the Bird, and this party is over with. Enjoy the quick edit and see for yourself how few people were there. It felt like my own private resort. The Big Cottonwood Pass is an awesome deal. And it sure payed for itself. I would have visited Brighton on closing day, but the Sol/Bright trail was closed. Summer is on its way, only a few more days on the snow!

Closing Day Solitude 4.20.2014 from Christian Paul on Vimeo.

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