Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Desolation Lake, Big Cottonwood Canyon- 6.19/20.2016

Well after having the itch to get out for over a month, I finally caved in and headed up for a solo over nighter for the strawberry moon up at Desolation Lake. I started in during the early evening on the Mill D trail and made great time up to the junction. I took a quick break and continued the climb through the aspens on the Desolation Trail. It was so green this year, and so quiet. This trail is longer than I remember, and I took in the scenery as I made my way. Not a cloud in the sky, and the evening light was so amazing on the way in.

After a couple of hours of really nice hiking, I found myself standing at the shore line of Desolation Lake. I looked around and found a camp spot that was pretty sweet, and had access to everything I needed. I put up shop pretty quick, then proceeded to gather up some fire wood and get situated for the evening. I saw a couple of more campers come in after I had everything set up, but they were far on the other side of the lake and did not even hear them. Evening set in and I made dinner. Then I got the fire going really good and set up for some star trail action. I set up the time lapse, then hung out by my first camp fire of the season. It was really enjoyable to be out with crystal clear skies, the full moon, and the trees as my companions. After a couple of adult beverages, I gathered up my camera and called it a night.

I awoke to crystal clear skies and just perfect temperatures. I got up and made some coffee and ate breakfast. I sat in the meadow next to my camp for a while just taking in the silence we do not get back in the city. Eventually I packed it up and headed out. It was a nice hike out, and the trail was in the shade most of the time down to the Dog Lake/Desolation Junction. The hike out of Mill D was a warm one. But the wildflowers are coming alive, so it made the walk really enjoyable seeing all the new blooms. I saw my first Wasatch Columbine this year on the way out. I arrived after a while at the car, and all I could think to myself is, "I could have used another night out there!" I guess you have to give yourself a reason to want to get out again! Click the orange link above for trail stats. Enjoy the pics and time lapse. More adventures to come!

Desolation Time Lapse from Christian Paul on Vimeo.

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