Monday, June 6, 2016

Circle All Peak, Big Cottonwood Canyon- 6.5.2016

Summer in the high terrain is here! I decided to head up to Circle All Peak. I have not been up there in years, and felt a need to return there. I started at the Butler Fork trail head and made my way up the short, but steep section that takes you to the first meadow. I reached the wilderness boundary sign, then continued up. A short distance after that I reached the Mill A Basin/Dog Lake junction. I headed up Mill A Basin which was so green and lush. I had imagined with how slow our snow was coming off that this was yet to have awakened from its winter sleep. It was so green with Mountian Clematis and Bluebells in full bloom. The aspens were awake as well which made the climb very nice with the shade they provided.

I worked my way up the switchbacks and around the basin. I eventually ended up on the saddle and headed south on the ridge for the peak. Arriving at the top I was greeted with an amazing view of Big Cottonwood Canyon. This peak has great energy and the view you get of all the peaks in the canyon is stunning to say the least. I spent a bit of time up there, drying out from the climb, and taking in the view. It was so quiet and I had the peak all to myself the whole time I was there. The hike out was a quad workout which I loved for this gets the legs prepped for the multiday adventures. Very glad I returned to this peak for a visit and will go back in the fall. Enjoy the pics, more adventures in the mountains to come!

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  1. I definitely want to do this peak this summer. I've heard of it, but never had much motivation to hike there. Guess it's on my list now! - Alicia @