Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Willow Heights, Big Cottonwood Canyon- 6.1.2015

Finally, the alpine is beginning to melt off and you can now get to most places up to about 9500 ft. I decided to start off the summer hiking by heading up to Willow Heights. The area is just greening up, with bluebells in bloom, and the rest of the flora is about to pop in a couple of weeks. I made a quick pace up to the lake, then took a snack break on the NE side of the lake. I decided to head up to the top of the ridge behind the lake, and take in the view. It was great up there and the temps were very pleasant. I spent some time up there watching the clouds play with the wind and the light and shadow playing with the basin. Eventually it was time to head down and finish the loop through the woods and out to the car. It is nice to be back on the dirt path. Here are a couple of shots from the day. The summer walkabouts have begun!

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