Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Peak 10,420- Bloods Lake Loop, Big Cottonwood Canyon- June 2015

I have done some hiking in the Scotts area, and of course have been up on the splitboard in this area, but this is a first time making this hike in the summer. I headed up the steep ridge to get to the unnamed summit just across from 10,420. I made it past a big piece of snow and made the summit in pretty quick fashion. There were only very distant clouds out over the Uintas, but the Wasatch was crystal clear. I spent some time up on the peak, just taking pictures and just enjoying the view of the upper Wasatch. I could see almost every peak in both canyons. I eventually decided to try to find the loop trail that connects the ridge line with a trail that takes you down to Bloods Lake.

I started following a pretty well defined path, which after a while just vanished. I was making my way down a really steep slope with lots of trees. I heard water so I just followed it down and it eventually put me on the trail to Bloods Lake. This is a tightly nestled lake that has trees that a really tall. Some of the biggest pines I have seen in the Wasatch. I scouted out the lake and surrounding areas for future visits. After a while I moved on to shoot some flowers while I was on my way out. Trimble Outdoors App says it was 2.69 miles to complete the loop I did, I would bet it is a bit longer had I taken the right trail that goes off the Clayton Peak Trail. I made my way back up to the main trail and the car. It was a great day, and another loop hike is off the bucket list. More adventures to come!

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