Friday, May 24, 2013

Last Sunday Funday- Snowbird- 5.19.2013

This was the last Sunday of the season for me. Sunday is an awesome day in Utah to be snowboarding. Most of the residents are in church, and the tourists are usually late risers or leaving, so it is like locals only day on the mountain. We got a quick skiff of late snow on Saturday that was a foot deep in places. It was spring snow, so grabby and not fluid like the cold smoke we love. I rode everything that was open, and took Peruvian Gulch, which is now considered backcountry, all the way to the base. It is melting out fast now. But the last minute storm preserved it for one more weekend. A fun day, no land speed record with how sticky things were, but still fun to be getting some fresh turns this late in the season. I may take a lap or two this Friday to kick off the holiday weekend. I am doing my first backpacking trip this season this weekend, so timing will determine everything. Here is a video of last Sundays sliding up Little Cottonwood. Snowbird will run this Fri-Mon for Memorial Day Weekend. Then that is it for lift served turns this season in Utah. Get em' while you can. Enjoy the video, and have a safe, fun holiday weekend. Let the backpacking season begin!

Last Sunday Funday 12/13 Season 5.19.2013 from Christian Paul on Vimeo.

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