Sunday, July 9, 2017

Jewel Lake, Uinta Mountains, Utah- 7.8/7.9.2017

Finally got out into the Uintas this year! I returned to my home away from home for a solo overnight recon to Jewel Lake. I arrived to a packed trail head, and I was lucky to get a parking spot on the main row. I put it together and headed on in. I leapfrogged several groups as the sky was darkening, and its only a matter of time before the Uintas give you a thunder shower. I passed Ruth, then up and over the divide to Hayden Lake. Still some big piles of snow on Lofty Peak, but the main areas and trails are dry. I then made the final descent into Jewel Lake. Its as full as I have ever seen it. I have seen no other backpackers to this point. Rare to have this alone on a July weekend. The skeeters greeted me at my camp spot so on went the bug spray. As soon as I got my tent up and camp set, the thunder roared. A pretty good 30-40 minute sprinkle, and then it was over. I got out the fly rod to give it a shot fishing. I fished pretty much until dusk, but only a few hits and nothing landed. You win some, you loose some. Name of the game with fly fishing.

Sunset came and I got some nice reflection shots from the shore. I got a fire going and made dinner. The moon came up, and as beautiful of a sight that is, it meant no star trails or milky way shots on this trip. I still had a great night out there, just lounging by the fire and sitting out with the moon in full view. I turned in for a quiet night sleeping under the stars. I awoke to clear skies and cooler temps. Coffee was in order so I made some then sat down to decide what I was gonna do. The skeeters made up my mind for me, so I packed it up and headed out. The hike out was nice, perfect temps, and the bug issue seemed to vanish leaving Jewel. I took my time on the way out, just plain happy to be back in the Uintas once more. On the way out on the highway, I saw an entire family of mountain goats. Yes I had to stop for a photo. Enjoy the pics! More adventures to come!

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  1. Wonderful photographs. One can see that you understand and love the place.