Monday, July 3, 2017

Deer Creek Lake, Dixie National Forest, Utah- 6.29/7.1.2017

I finally got out for a backpacking trip this year! We headed to Boulder Mountain on Thursday. We decided on the dates we did to avoid the holiday traffic. The drive was pretty much a clear shot all the way into Torrey. We made good time into the trail head and packed it in. I have not been to this area this time of year. It was so lush and green! Wildflowers were everywhere! The hike in was warm, but good after the three hour drive to get there. We made a good push up to the Great Western Trail then took a short break. We continued on into the aspens where the mosquitoes made their presence known. I honestly was in a full sprint in this section because they were that horrible. Once we got to the Deer Creek junction, they mellowed out quite a bit. We made camp and settled in for the evening. We had a nice night in camp and turned in for some good shut eye.

We awoke Friday to a barrage of mosquitoes in camp, which motivated everyone to put it together and head out to find Mooseman Lake. We took a off trail route, which ended up being marked with pink ties which walked us all the way up to Mooseman. When we walked up to the shore, they were jumping like crazy. I tossed a line in and it was on! Seems every cast I had a fish on the line. We stayed a better part of the day up here because the wind was keeping the skeeters at bay. We eventually took the trail out to the Great Western section to get back to camp. We then fished Greens Lake. Some nice Cuttys in there, but even bigger brookies which wanted nothing to do with anything I threw at them. Evening came in and we fished Deer Creek again. Darkness fell and I set out my camera for a star trail. We all had some great beverages and then turned in.

I awoke on Saturday to even more Mosquitoes. After three days of these micro vampires, I think I had reached my limit. I had this urge to head into Capitol Reef National Park to take my new Jeep off road and do some hiking and dispersed camping. I informed my group of my plans then packed it up and said my goodbyes. The hike out was pleasant and crystal clear. A bit warmer than on the way in. I made it to the Jeep in an hour and some change. This is one of my favorite areas to visit and it had been a couple of years since I had been there. My next post will be my trip into Capitol Reef National Park. Enjoy the photos. More adventures to come!

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