Friday, April 28, 2017

Millicent Tour, Big Cottonwood Canyon- 4.27.2017

Winter returned to the Wasatch once more with a huge storm that put down 40" of snow in some spots. I had the fortunate opportunity to get out with my good friend Chris for a morning tour up Millicent. We arrived to what looked to be partly cloudy skies. We got ready and headed on up. The sun was out for a bit as me made the climb on the skin track. Once we reached Twin Lakes Dam, the storm for the day came roaring in on us. Heavy snow fall and howling winds made for a challenging climb to the top of Millicent. Upon reaching the top, we made the change over and got ready for the descent. The snow was a bit wind loaded up top. But a couple of hundred yards off the top and we were in the ultralight powder that Utah is famous for. From top to bottom the ride was sweet! I love splitboarding! This day reminded me much more of conditions in February, not the end of April. Enjoy the video and pics I have shared. More adventures to come!

Millicent Tour- 4.27.2017 from Christian Paul on Vimeo.

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