Monday, July 20, 2015

Red Pine Lake, Little Cottonwood Canyon- July 2015

Wasatch Wednesday was back last week as I decided to visit one of my favorite places- Red Pine Lake. This is a pretty steep hike which has several gut busting sections. It was perfect weather, and a bit cooler than average to start this hike out. I left the White Pine trail head and started up the main trail that junctions with both White Pine and Red Pine trails. As I hiked, I saw an amazing amount of Monks Hood, which is beautiful but deadly. Look, but don't touch. As I moved on, the trail was in the shade behind the growth of the trees which this year is just spectacular. I pushed a steady pace all the way up to the lake, just taking in the garden which was in full bloom. Eventually, after sweating it out and not stopping for a break from trail head, I arrived at Red Pine Lake. I cannot believe I had the place to myself! I made my way to the inlet, and then posted up and drank some water which was like paradise after being so hot pushing the pace that I did to the lake. The sun would play hide and seek behind the clouds, and that made things a bit chilly at times since I had been sweating, so I pulled out my jacket or a bit to warm up. I decided to head to the southwest corner of the lake and try my hand at some fly fishing. I had a few bites, got one on the line, but unfortunately did not land anything. They were being a bit tricky, as well the wind was howling making casting like throwing water at the wind. Eventually, it was time to head down, and to say this was one of the best evening hikes of the season. Sorry for the late entry, things got busy this past week. Uintas trip over the weekend post coming up soon! More adventures to come.

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