Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lake Lackawaxen- Wasatch-Cache National Forest- July 2015

There are not too many first time hikes left for me to do in the Wasatch. Lake Lackawaxen is one of them that was left on the to do list. I drove up to Guardsman Pass, and headed in via Bloods Lake which I visited earlier this summer. Just a bit over 1/2 mile and I was at Bloods Lake. It was kind of busy, and lots of people swimming and hanging around. On the SW side of the lake, the trail continues over the ridge. This is one of the steep sections, but is really short. You make your way across a minor ridge, then you descend into a very nice meadow. Keep heading towards Clayton Peak on the trail. Eventually after some more climbing, you will find yourself at a junction. take the left fork to go to the lake, right fork takes you to the summit of Clayton Peak. I chose the lake this day, as I was just looking for some quiet time to relax and enjoy.

After meandering up a meadow with a very mellow grade, and crossing a very small boulder section, I arrived at Lake Lackawaxen. It really is back in there and was very scenic. I explored around the lake to see what your options were. There were a couple of nice spots if you were to do an over nighter up there. I took a nice break on the granite slab that is at the other end of the lake. What a nice place. My question that was burning me up was "Are there fish in there?" I had my answer shortly as I saw a very large salamander swim by me. So this will be on the list of photography destinations, but not a fishing spot. After taking a few pictures and walking around the lake, I decided to head out. The hike is a great workout for anyone who likes up and down terrain features. Get that full leg workout. It was not long before I was standing at my car on Guardsman Pass. Great day up to a new location! I will for sure come back. Enjoy the pics, more adventures on walkabout to come!

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