Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Scotts Pass- 2.11.2015

What a wild and crazy last few weeks it has been. I came down sick which laid me up for almost two weeks, and spring decided to show up two months early. We got lucky and the mountains had a small storm that came in Monday night and put down 4-5 inches of snow over the Wasatch. We have been so dry, and conditions have been rapidly deteriorating in the lower elevations in the backcountry with the record breaking temps. I was beginning to think winter was over. I decided since it was a bluebird day on tap, and the north facing trees were still gonna be good, that getting out for a tour was a great idea. I met up with my friend Jeremy and we headed in on the Guardsman Pass road. We made good time to the elbow in the road which marks the summer trail for Scotts Pass. We made our way up this very gradual and easy skin track up the drainage. We passed some nice meadows, and had a great view of Scott Hill. In what seemed no time, we were standing on the pass. You could see the Park City skiers hitting the ridge in the in bounds terrain, but we were not interested in that. We could see on our way in that my call on the aspect was money! We climbed from the pass to the top of the ridge of this no named peak. I nice skin up to the top and we were greeted with a great view of Big Cottonwood Canyon. We spent a little bit up there enjoying the view and breaking out of touring mode into riding mode. I was feeling so good being up the mountains, getting out on the splitboard, and having some great company to enjoy it with. We dropped in from the top, and soon found ourselves carving in some really great snow. It was so nice to be making turns in really nice snow. We eventually made our way down the summer trail, and out on the road to the car. Some one foot riding in the flat spots, but all in all not too bad. Enjoy the video edit with pics from the day. I still have hope that we will have a strong spring cycle. I do not think this party is over with yet. Pray 4 Snow!

Scotts Pass 2.11.2015 from Christian Paul on Vimeo.


  1. Excuse my ignorance but is a split board a board that you can break down and pack away easier than a full beard?

  2. Thanks for asking Bruce. A splitboard is a snowboard that you can turn into climbing ski's so you can hike up hill for your own lines. Then when you have reached your destination, you put the board into riding mode and ride it down as a snowboard. Voile, a local company invented the modern splitboard. It is essential that you understand the conditions and understand snow pack and terrain choice to avoid avalanches when traveling in the backcountry. Always carry a beacon, shovel, and probe. Having a partner that you trust to rescue you is crucial for rescue in case you do trigger an avalanche. Here is a video, kind of older, but gives the splitboard basics in less than two minutes. Copy and paste the link below. Thanks for stopping by Bruce! And the beard never gets packed away. :-)