Friday, February 27, 2015

Scotts Backdoor Tour- 2.27.2015

I was going to try to connect with some new folks for the Wasatch Splitfest, but when I got to the lot, no one was there. So I decided to just head up and tour Scotts Pass solo. New snow, and a nice skin in on the road to the elbow. From the elbow, the trail got a bit deeper and was completely untouched. I was breaking trail all the way to the pass. Arriving on the pass, I headed up to the top of Scotts Backdoor. It started snowing as I climbed, and the big flakes were falling. I reached the top and broke out from touring mode to riding mode. I honestly just sat there for a bit, as the flakes just got bigger and bigger. It was so awesome to be out in a blizzard like this. It has been a while! Eventually, it was time to drop. The very top had a bit of a sun crust under the new snow, but was manageable. When I got to the top of my line, I was making turns in really nice snow! A quick traverse through the trees and I was in the main glade. The snow was so good and very floaty. I made it out to where I normally exit, when I ran into a very nice couple who had toured up from the winter gate. They had a different exit than I was used to, so I followed them out to the road. A nice area, and some really good snow to finish it off. All in all a great day despite missing the Splitfest folks. I guess there is always next year. Enjoy the video and pics. Pray 4 Snow!

Scotts Backdoor 2.27.2015 from Christian Paul on Vimeo.


  1. Thanks for stopping by! I saw your Trekking Poles blog. Pretty sweet! I will stop by for a visit for sure! Hope you are having a great year John!