Sunday, February 22, 2015

Peak 9699- 2.22.2015

After what seemed to be the end of winter, the old man showed up again and gave us a foot of the good stuff we have all been waiting for. We made our way up the mountain, finding some really thin spots at the base. We had to weave our way through some aspens and willows that were not covered with snow anymore to make our climb. Finally we hit the summer trail and headed up to Greens Basin. We took a short break, then move on to climb up to the ridge. The snow was in great shape, but the skin track was pretty slippery. We eventually made the saddle and took a snack break, then moved on to the summit. The temps up there were for sure winter, something we have not seen since early January. We took a few moments to soak in the view and break into riding mode, then it was off to the fluffies that awaited! I dropped first and it was so good! I have been waiting for a while to be riding snow this good! Eventually we made our way through the glades and to the meadow out of Greens Basin. The ride out on our exit was pretty gnarly. The trail is so thin down at the base, and some spots have little or no snow. We had to boot pack one section because there was dead fall that was once buried now exposed again because of the melt off we had. The last shot to the car was tricky at best, crusty bumps with just a few inches on it. I got hucked off my edge and landed on my rear end on a very sharp rock! Ouch! My buns will live to ride another day. A great day out in the powder with friends. Enjoy the edit with pics and video from today. Pray 4 Snow!

Peak 9699- 2.22.2015 from Christian Paul on Vimeo.

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