Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hero Snow & Honeycomb- Solitude Mountain Resort

What an amazing storm! 3-4' feet fell all over the Wasatch filling things in nicely. Sunday Funday was hero snow, meaning it was so wet and heavy, you needed to be a superhero to move it around. This is the base builder you want as we head into our spring cycle. I had a great time riding, even though this was the most crowded day of the season at Solitude. I was for sure a soggy waffle by the time I got done riding on Sunday. Another front came in Sunday night, putting down a much lighter, colder consistency, which made the turns so creamy. I made it back up for opening bell and I lapped the front side until Summit opened. Once they started loading Summit, I headed for the Headwall Forest, which was a mix of new snow, and avy debris from the control work done to get it open for us. Thank you Solitude Ski Patrol for keeping us safe. As I unloaded Summit for the 5th time, ski patrol signaled that they were going to open Honeycomb Canyon. It looked so amazing, and the stoke meter was on high! The roped was pulled, and the shred fest began! This was by far the best snow all weekend, and I had some amazing runs back there. Even a lap out the Powderhorn gate was creamy and blowing up snow in my face all the way to Meadowlawn. This is why I love snowboarding in the Wasatch, when it is good, it is damn good! Enjoy the edit from this weekend, and let's keep this party rockin'!

Hero Snow And Honeycomb 2 9 10 14 from Christian Paul on Vimeo.

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