Saturday, February 8, 2014

February Begins- 2.7.2014- Solitude Mountain Resort

It looks like old man winter is back from this long hiatus that he seemed to be on. A series of storms are headed for the Wasatch, and this was the beginning of the big cycle for the year that we enjoy this time of year in Utah. I woke to Solitude reporting 8" of fresh, and made haste to get up the hill. I got the boots on and headed out to sample the new goods. The snow was right side up, and was the fluffy stuff we come to expect here in the Wasatch. I took my first five runs, and then- SNAP! My left boot lace broke, and made it interesting to get back down to change out my broken lace. I made it a quick change out, then I was back at it. I wandered over in the Aspens off Sunrise, and was surprised that there was plenty of untracked over there for the taking. A great way to kick off February, and also good at keeping our base solid. Looks like there is more on tap for this weekend, so wax em' if you got em, surfs up! Enjoy the short video from today, and pray for snow!

February Begins 2 7 14 from Christian Paul on Vimeo.

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