Saturday, December 21, 2013

Epic Powder Day- Solitude Mountain Resort- 12.19.2013

Well, after having one of the worst sinus infections I have had in ten years, we finally got a storm that pushed out the nasty inversion which has been a nightmare for health reasons. This storm was an early Xmas present for sure. It went a long way in burying the leftover features not yet previously covered. I started off my day sampling the goods on my first run. If this was any indicator that things were good everywhere, I do not know what is. I made my way around the whole mountain, finding copious amounts of snow in areas just a week ago I would not even imagined putting tracks in. This storm was not as cold as the previous cycle, and offered a 6-8% water content to cushion the ride. It seemed like a dream riding on this day, and every single run was fluffy slashing goodness! It snowed hard all day, so there was some refill action along with the flakes that had already accumulated. The best thing is that there was no crust, leaving just a few bumps, and bottomless goodness for one to get down with. I pushed it so hard, and wore myself thin getting after it all day. Friday the 20th brought the opening of Honeycomb Canyon, which was deep as you can imagine not being open during the entire storm. The photo above was taken on Friday after they opened it. This was a much needed paint job for the Wasatch, and we have are now over 100" of snowfall for the season. Enjoy the video! Pow Pow!

Epic December Storm 12.19.13 Solitude from Christian Paul on Vimeo.

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