Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Begins- Solitude- 12.3.13

An arctic storm of epic proportions slammed the Wasatch early Tuesday morning. It brought tonz of snow to the mountains, and wouldn't ya know, Solitude was reporting 10" at 7:00AM. I made haste and got to the mouth of the canyon, threw on the chains, and headed up the BCC. The road was pretty greasy. I saw 4x4's struggling to get up the mountain. I made it to Solitude just before the opening bell, only to find it a virtual ghost town. There were people there, but not a lot as you would come to expect of this name sake resort. The first run was just a taste of what I was in for. The snow was the ultralight stuff that this place is famous for. It was snowing the whole time up there, and it picked up intensity just after my first few runs, and began filling it all back in. Free refills! I love days like this, it never gets old, and is renewed every time you drop in. I found knee deep pockets of fluffy goodness to carve in, with the shallowest areas still holding shin deep magic. This storm opened up so much terrain that only a week ago I wouldn't have even considered dropping in on. For sure a great way to kick off December with some delicious powder to get all crazy in. Enjoy the edit, I know I enjoyed being the person wearing the cam. Looks like we have entered a cold, active pattern. Lets hope that this is the beginning of the great cycle we see here in the Wasatch every year. Pray 4 Snow!

December Begins- 12.3.13- Solitude Mountain Resort, Utah from Christian Paul on Vimeo.

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