Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jacks Peak, Wasatch Foothills, Utah- Nov 2012

I have been eyeballing the peaks around my new neighborhood I live in below the Wasatch Foothills. I have hiked almost all of this range, but this area I am in is one section I have yet to explore. I honestly did not know where I was headed, I just got on a trail on the Bonneville Shoreline trail head off of 2100 s. I followed it to the ridge, and climbed to a knoll that had a radio tower on it. I ran into a nice group who I got a bunch of history on the peak directly east from the knoll. It is called Jacks Peak. A toddler in 1995 passed away from a hard fought battle with leukemia. His parents scattered his ashes and placed two mailboxes on the summit with journals with his story and pages you can log your visit in. I had heard about this hike from trip reports and an article in the Salt Lake Tribune, but it was pretty cool that I stumbled onto it just heading in on a trail. After leaving the knoll you descend a low saddle. Then the climb begins, and it is well worth it. It is a good work out, and the views keep getting better and better. You climb two false summits and then you will reach the top at 6448 ft. A total climb of 1250 ft in elevation gain in about 1.5 miles. I enjoyed the workout since I have taken the last week or so off to get things ready for winter. It felt like a spring day up there. The climb was hot, because there is no cover on this hike. Bring your sunscreen for sure. After getting the workout I was after, and making the last section I found myself looking at all of the Salt Lake Valley, and all of Spring Canyon and Perkins Peak at the head of the canyon. I took some photos, and then signed the journal, and then sat on the highest point of this peak and just took in the view. After a while it was time to head down. It is a pretty steep down climb to the saddle, then it is manageable after that all the way to the trail head. This was a great intro to the area I am close to up here, and I will be checking out some more hikes on this front side of the Wasatch. We are expecting a huge winter system by next weekend, so winter might be upon us, and I may be tasting the essence of the greatest snow on earth if mother nature delivers next weekend. I am itching to get those first turns of the season for sure. Stay tuned!

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