Wednesday, November 21, 2012

First Tram Laps 12/13- 11.18.2012

Finally the day has arrived to take the fun boat up into the sky! Snowbird opened the Tram to riding. I headed up on a snowy Sunday to give the new terrain open a whirl. Peruvian Gulch and Regulator Johnson were the options, and with the new paint job on the mountain from old man winter, conditions were prime. I was fortunate the get the first Tram of the day and it was so worth it. Got my first legitimate barrel of the season. Really fun fast riding, which kept it interesting and fun. It is days like these that I live for, floating in the freshies, and just losing yourself to the mountain. Days like these I find to be timeless, like you could care less about looking at a clock. Enjoy the video, more winter adventures to be had- get out there!

First Tram Laps 12/13- 11.18.2012 from Christian Paul on Vimeo.

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