Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Playschool 20 yr Anniversary- 05/12/2012

How does time fly? It almost seems a blur to me, like it was just yesterday that I used to play and Dj at Salt Lake City's first EDM club. It was an amazing evening, being able to play the music from that era, and seeing all my fellow Playschoolers show up and lay it down proper on the turntables and the dancefloor. Salt Lake City for sure has one of the strongest dace music scenes on the planet. And to have the original Dj's Chris Sick, Dazy, Dopey, Stimey, Bobby Reno, Superfly, VJ Lextacy, San Diego's finest Dj Myxzlplix and your truly Dj Nebula throw down all the classics was a long awaited treat! All the people who were involved with the original club that was magical to say the least were in attendance. It was like being able to time travel for one evening back to the days of good music, positive energy, and a tight knit group who were more than club people, they were famliy. What is really most amazing, was to see that everyone still have that love for the music, which is what brought us all together. Enjoy the slideshow, and it looks like this may happen again next year. Thanks to Chris Sick for making the magic happen again!

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