Saturday, April 7, 2012

Surprise Pow Days-

Little Cottonwood got a couple of Surprise Pow Days Monday and Friday of this past week. It was nice to have some fresh after pretty much snowboarding on glue because it was so warm over last weekend. Monday was a bit variable, with pockets of wind collected fluff. The crust was still fully in play, so line choice was optimal. The new snow was extremely windblown and very grabby, so you had to make sure not to get off balance. Friday was epic in all ways. The forecast was calling for 3" of new snow, so I was expecting a repeat of Monday. Pow!!! Pleasantly surprised with the 12" of fresh coating the whole mountain. You would occasionally touch some crust, but overall it was a great day and much needed redemption for the low snow year we are having. Enjoy the video, high pressure sets back in this week, pray our snow holds up.

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