Sunday, April 15, 2012

Epic April Pow Day- 4.13.2012

I think old man winter is trying last minute to make up for the winter that never was this year. We had a very wet storm come through on Thursday, and it dumped some very high density snow. As the storm moved in, a cold front pushed in behind it and it allowed for us to get our Utah Pow that we are so famous for. Friday was to be described with only one word- EPIC!!! Everywhere was good. I mean everywhere. You would have been hard pressed to find anywhere in the mountain that was not good. I started in Mineral Basin, spent the better part of the morning putting fresh tracks in back there, with walk on lift chairs and no traffic, it made for wide open runs and miles of powder to boot. RTP finally got the go ahead and they opened that area up. Snow was a bit windblown, but pretty good for sitting there for a whole day. I made it back to the front side around noon, to find that Peruvian Gulch was holding some very nice goodies! I worked my way over to Gad Valley just to have my full Bird, and was pleasantly surprised that the snow was in great condition there too, and there was plenty of fresh tracks to still be had. My legs about 2 PM started talking back to me, and since I had been riding from first Tram till then, I decided to listen to them and call it a day. One to remember this year, and some redemption for us powder hounds that is for sure. Enjoy the video, I know I enjoyed slashing it up making it!

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