Thursday, April 19, 2012

Superior Star Trails on the cover of Folio SLCC Spring 2012

Wow, what a huge honor! I have submitted photography to this publication every semester I have been in the photography program at Salt Lake Community College. I graduate this year, and what a way to finish things out by having one of my favorite shots I took this year make the cover of this great outlet for literary works and arts created by the students at SLCC. You can check the web site here:


  1. Hi Christian--I'm Lisa B., the faculty advisor for Folio--I love this image so much!

    1. Hey Lisa- thanks so much! I love the new issue! That was an image where it was 8 degrees outside, and I was doing long exposures to capture the star trails. I was freezing by the time the shoot was done. Thanks so much for the kind words.