Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March In Deep- 3.2-4.2012

Well March has arrived, and with that arrival was some much needed mega deep goods for our mountain. It truly feels like Snowbird now that we have this base depth and the mountain looks like it has in seasons past. Still a far cry of what a normal season looks like up there, but you could feel the excitement of everyone being up there, finally riding deep pow! March 2nd was by far the deepest day of the season, rolling knee deep everywhere, with sections even deeper than that. I got to ride a prototype from Voile that was a solid, not a split, sidewalls and rocker/camber. It was a blast in the deep stuff. You could just ride the tail and float through any depth of snow. March 4th was a rapid thaw day where the temps just 2 days previous were in the teen's, and this day was pushing 40 degrees on the peak. Rapid change. a few stashes here and there, but most of the mountain was pounded out due to the amazing amount of traffic the hill saw over a five day period. All in all, very stoked to have our coverage, and that most of the mountain is full on now. Spring has sprung, lets hope for a few more big storms before summer shows up.

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