Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First Dayhike Of 2012- Bells Canyon 3.11.2012

With these unseasonably warm temps and a day off to spend with the family, I thought it would be great to get out for a day to shoot some photos and go for a hike. I decided to head up Bells Canyon. It was mostly snow free, a bit breezy, and the sun was out. Everything is still dormant from winter, so not the lush green that you see there in the summer, but still a beautiful area to visit just the same. My daughter did this hike all by herself, climbing all the way to the lake, and then hiking all the way down. Dad was so proud! My wife was also hiking for her first time since her back surgery, and she did great. I think the family is gonna have some fun adventures this summer. I shot some photos and a pano while I was up there. I did give fishing a try, I got some rises from a black fly and an ant, but alas not bites. I think they are still dormant like the rest of the place up there. It was a nice to be back on the trail, and I can't wait till spring really does get here, I missed hiking and long to get out there again.

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