Friday, August 19, 2011

Twin Lakes Trail- Big Cottonwood Canyon- Aug 12th, 2011

My original plan was to hit Red Pine today. But I got to the trail head and realized that my battery was dead on my D90. I went back home, and charged it, and made a destination change. I arrived to Silver Lake, and the usual tourists were there. I started in on the trail, and on the way in, I saw some fish jumping in the stream. So I got my rod out and on my third cast, nailed a nice little rainbow. After all the kids oohing and ahhing that I caught a fish, I pressed on. Once I hit the junction for Lake Solitude and Twin Lakes I was all alone. Perfect! Nice hike on the way up, and the flowers were for sure putting on a show. After a bit, I arrived at Twin Lakes and headed for the inlet just below Twin Lakes Pass. I landed quite a few small ones, 8-10" and got one probably just about 11". Nothing too big, but fun little buggers anyhow. I did see a monster size Lake Trout cruising the shallows, this one would have been much bigger, but alas, he wasn't interested in what I was offering. After a great afternoon up there it was time to head down. Great hike out, and ran into a Chipmunk that did not seem to mind I was there, so I took his picture. Wonder if I need a model release? hehe! Good times once again in the Wasatch!

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