Friday, August 19, 2011

Red Pine Lake- Little Cottonwood Canyon- Aug 18th, 2011

I finally made it up to one of my favorite places to go in the Wasatch this summer. The hike up was perfect temperatures and the flowers were out everywhere. A few bugs, but not intolerable. After I started up the Red Pine junction I found myself shooting pictures of a Pika in a small boulder field on the slope. I made a very brisk pace to the Maybird/Red Pine junction. Took a small water break them moved on. Got to the lake shortly after and was amazed how green it all was up there, and how many wildflowers were still blooming. I headed to the south side, and 5th cast had a fish. Nice Cutty's up there. I landed 16 fish today, and one that was easily 16". The hike out was awesome, beautiful light and a nice breeze and more flowers! Nice day shooting photos and being up there again. It is days like this that remind me that what I am looking for is in my own backyard! Love the Wasatch!

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