Friday, August 19, 2011

Ruth-Hayden-Jewel-Cutthroat-Teal Lakes Loop- Uintas- Aug 6th- 7th, 2011

Well, after a long week at the Outdoor Photo Expo and Outdoor Retailer, It was really ready to get out of here for a couple of days. Since our crew did not have a lot of time on our hands, we all decided to head out to the Ruth Lake area and loop the basin. I pushed in from Ruth to the ridge in about 30 min, then I dropped down to Hayden Lake to shoot some photos. Quite empty out there for it being a weekend, and the weather was sweet! After a short visit to Hayden, I pushed on. After a nice walk, I ended up at the boulder field that drops you down to Jewel. I could see Collin and Barley fishing on the lake, which was a welcome site. The other half of our crew had not shown up yet, so we decided to fish Jewel, and wait to see when they would show up. I got a nice Tiger Trout on my first cast. After fishing for a while we were talking about maybe moving on to another lake when Mike and Muskie roll up. They apparently made a wrong turn on the ridge above Ruth Lake, and made the full loop up to Lofty and Kamas Lakes, and came down the basin via Cutthroat Pass. Wow, we felt bad that they had been on the move like that, and they looked really beat, so we decided that Jewel was gonna be our home for the night.

After they got their shop pitched, we decided to take a walk up to Cutthroat and Teal lakes to see about catching some dinner. I landed a nice Cutty up at Cutthroat and Muskie was killing them on a Blue Fox at Teal. We did a crazy traverse from Teal back to camp, full on off trail hiking, route finding and bushwhacking. We finally returned to Jewel, where the evening fishing was in full swing. Chris was killing it with a dual fly set up, nailing them right on the strike. We all settled in, got the fire going and I decided to set up my camera so I could shoot some night photos. This was way fun, doing some long exposures, playing with light, and catching a huge meteor burning up on one of my long exposures. I actually counted like 10 meteors burn up on entry that night, but this was the one I captured. We all finished our frosty beverages and crashed out. Morning arrived with some brisk temps and the skeeters were out like mad! Everyone made a mad dash for the 100% deet and coffee. As the sun rose, the winds picked up and the skeeters retreated, but the deer flys were still hanging out unfortunately. No matter, we decided that fishing was in order, and we all fished for quite a while.

After some time, we decided that it was time to head out, all of us wanted the colds ones in the car, and Uinta Drive Through cheese burgers and shakes were sounding delicious. A great time out there, and nice to be on walkabout in the woods again with the crew.

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