Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lake Blanch- Mill B South Fork- Big Cottonwood Canyon- July 29th, 2011

Sometimes you just have it so good, that when you travel to other areas, you realize that what you are looking for is right in your backyard. I decided that I wanted to get up to Lake Blanch this day, as the weather for the weekend was forecasting severe thunderstorms all weekend. This was going to be the one day that was good to go, so I hit it. The hike up was spectacular, and for how popular this trail is, it was a ghost town on this day. The views just kept getting better, and as I was traveling alone, as I do quite a bit here in the Wasatch, the photography that I was getting was unreal, and I was able to really play with my camera, being alone brings that kind of focus. After a little under 2 hours I ended up standing on the shore of Lake Blanch. If you have never been here, you really need to make it a destination on your list. I have been here so many times, and every time I go there, it still blows my mind.

I decided after some pics and drying out from the hot hike up, that fishing was in order. Second cast and I had one on. It was like shooting fish in a crap barrel. They were so active is was crazy. I spent like 2 1/2 hours fishing and they were still hitting my fly like they could not get enough of it. I caught a total of 10 fish on the same fly. The biggest I got a photo of, and I have to say, this was the best day of fishing this season by far. About 2:30 I noticed some towering clouds start to build over the ridge tops and decided that it was time to head down. the hike out was amazing. The light filtering from the clouds was awesome. Made it down in about an hour and change. This day totally reminds me that I love exploring new areas, but that sometimes I forget that some of the most beautiful wilderness, and great fishing is right here in my backyard. I love the Wasatch, got some more places to visit here before the snow flies again!

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