Monday, July 25, 2011

Duck Lake- Uintas- July 22nd-24th, 2011

Finally got out to the Uintas this year. As we all know that the snow has lingered far to long, so you had to know I was excited when I got the call from Chris and Collin to get ready we were heading out. We had a large crew, I traveled with my friends Robbie, Ryan and Alex, and Muskie and Mike came in on Sat. Collin had 3 friends with him, so we had a rather large party. But not on the trail at the same time. We got to the trail head Friday evening and made a 20 min push to the pass. Took a small break and then full speed charged our way down to Duck Lake. We had pretty good light all the way to Pot Lake, then it started to get pitch. We made it right at pitch to camp to find Chris and Collin and their friends enjoying some cold ones. We pitched camp and joined everyone and had a great night by the fire. Morning brought clear skies and the sun peaking up over the ridge tops. I got up right away and threw a line in and on my third cast, landed a nice cutty. It was on from there. everyone was fishing, and catching. They were even boiling on Duck Lake till about noon. This is when the rest of the crew decided to just hang at Duck, so me and Chris rolled up to Beaver Lake.

You can really tell how much snow we got, the meadow up was a running torrent and really squishy in places. As we got to the meadow, I had a slight accident with my camera bag, and it broke my UV filter on my lens. I hate broken glass! But to my surprise that is all the damage that happened from the drop. After cleaning up the mess, I put on my polarized filter to protect the lens. To my relief, everything was working like a charm. We got up to Beaver Lake and there was no one there. We had the place to ourselves, but the fishing was very slow. No matter, Chris got a new wrist rocket for his birthday, and we shot it a bunch while having some beers in the back basin above Beaver Lake. On the way out of Beaver, we fished the tributary and both caught dinner. We headed back to camp for a fish cookout. Our friends Mike and Muskie had shown up while we were gone, so the whole crew was there. After a great meal, everyone got out the beverages and the fire going. Midnight drew and I did not want to turn into a pumpkin, so I headed for my tent for some shut eye. Sunday morning came far too early for me. I was sleeping so soundly when the sun finally hit my tent.

I got up, brewed some coffee, sat lakeside with my brew while Chris, Mike and Muskie were getting the glass before the winds picked up. I broke camp, and had a bite. I was packed and ready to go by 11 am, so I decided to wander ahead of everyone to shoot pictures and just enjoy the great weather we have had all weekend. After about an hour I found myself standing on the pass, and took a long sun break because the temps were perfect, slight breeze and no skeeters, which were pretty gnarly morning and dusk at Duck Lake. After a nice time kicking it on the pass, I made the final push to the car. Waited about a 1/2 an hour and the crew showed up. We all had a beer to celebrate a great weekend in the mountians. Duck Lake is not the most picturesque place in the Uintas, not the farthest jaunt out there you can do, and there are people in that basin a lot. We and one other couple that was camped up by the inlet were the only overnight residents all weekend. But it is a fun place to get away, and just unwind. I had a great weekend, as did the crew. Clear skies, very little wind, and very warm temps. And we all had fish for dinner. Good times all around!

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