Saturday, July 30, 2011

Big Water/Dog Lake/Little Water Loop- Millcreek Canyon- July 10th, 2011

This started out to be a very nice hike. Much cooler than the valley. And not too crowded with all the traffic in the canyon. We started on the Big Water Trail, and headed up under sunny skies and perfect temps. The snow is pretty much gone, minus some stubborn patches holding on in the trees below the trail. Muskies dogs were loving it, and It was sure nice to be in the upper part of the range hiking again with no snow. We pushed a sweet pace up to the lake. The dogs were loving the tennis ball we were throwing all the way out there. After about an hour, the clouds started towering and we heard distant thunder and decided it was time to head down. As soon as we hit the Little Water Junction, it just started dumping hail, and we had a few lightning strikes very close. We basically trail ran the whole way to the car, dogging into the trees when the strikes were close and the thunder was loud! Got to the car, soaked, muddy, and pumped from the adrenaline of the storm. Crazy how much moisture is in these monsoon flows we are getting. Good times, because it is always an adventure.

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