Thursday, May 18, 2017

Collins Gulch To Wildcat Ridge, Little Cottonwood Canyon- 5.18.2017

I really thought winter was finally over at the end of April. I got after it last month on the splitboard. When we warmed up at the beginning of May, I figured we were probably done splitboarding for the year. Winter had other ideas for us. The Wasatch got a cold front this week that took us back to end of February temps. It snowed in the mountains, so I figured why not get one more shot at some powder before its is all said and done. I made my way on the skin track up. The clouds were hanging in like fog on the mountains. It was a cool sight to see. I am not sure if I heard thunder, but something rumbled on the top of Superior on the way up. The snow was not changing. It was much warmer than my last time out on the splitboard. After a good push from the mid station in Collins, I found myself standing at the top of Wildcat. There were a lot more people up here compared to the last time I was here.

There were tracks everywhere. I picked a good spot that had very few track off the main line. I took a few pics and talked to some other folks that were skiing down the shoulder. After a brief visit, I made the switch over and dropped in. This snow was great, cold and fast. I made some really fun turns and gunned it to the mid station. That is where the snow changed. No matter, I was using my secret weapon and it was all glide and no manky stick to the base from wet snow. It was great to be out for a walk uphill, and some powder turns in May. This may have been my last day of the season. Backpacking is right around the corner. I usually make the shift to the dirt path around this time of year. But if it keeps snowing, I might just have to pull out the splitboard and work on that goggle tan once more. Enjoy the pics and video. Its been a great season! More adventures to come!

Collins to Wildcat Tour- 5.18.2017 from Christian Paul on Vimeo.

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