Sunday, January 8, 2017

Bear Trap Fork, Big Cottonwood Canyon- 1.7.2017

This season has been incredible! It just keeps snowing! We had a bit of a break between storms, so the hunt for powder was on. We took a nice tour up Bear Trap Fork looking for fresh lines and tree runs. We climbed the gulch with much warmer temperatures than we had on our previous visit here this season. We made a pretty quick pace up the drainage to the main meadow. We decided to follow a new skin track up to the top and it was a good choice. On our way up we were taken through some untracked trees and decided that we would take that route out. We dropped into some very nice settled powder which was smooth and creamy to ride. We even found some hits and pillows to jump off of on our way out of the glades. The out on the main trail was really fun as we weaved and dogged our way through the trees and side hits which were as filled in as either of us could remember. An incredible day in the Wasatch finding what was left from the storm and getting after it! Enjoy the pics and video. More adventures to come......

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