Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dean Lake, Uinta Mountains- September 2016

I was fortunate to get out for another trip into the Uintas over the weekend. I decided to head into Dean Lake with a couple of friends for an over nighter. Arriving at the trail head, cool temps greeted us with a cold breeze, and you could feel fall was in full effect here now. We put on our packs and headed on in. The trail was mostly free of downed trees, and was a very nice walk in the woods. After just a little bit of walking, we found ourselves at Clegg Lake. It was really quiet in there. I took a couple of pictures while we were there. We moved on down the trail, and made our way down the big meadow to Dean Lake. We arrived to once again having the place to ourselves. Gotta love the Uintas after Labor Day!

Arriving at Dean Lake was as beautiful as I remembered it. The temps at this point started to really warm up. We decided on a camp site, and got things set up. I put together the fly rod, and went fishing. It has been a full moon, so I was not really expecting anything. But I was able to hook into a pretty large Arctic Grayling which was a fighter all the way in. After a while of not getting much action, we moved down to Notch Lake. Fishing was pretty hot here and Chris ended up with a nice haul for dinner. His wonder dog bear was not upset either.

Night came in and back at camp we settled in for some dinner and some beverages by the fire. It was a nice night, but unfortunately not a astrophotography wonder as the full moon was too bright to try to get anything I wanted. I did shoot the moon, but alas did not want to put my battery through the cold temps that had rolled in at dark. My friends turned in and I sat up by the fire enjoying the last of my beverages and just being happy to be in the mountains once more. Eventually I coaled out the fire and turned in.

I awoke to warm temps and clear skies. I got up and went and sat in the meadow for a bit in the sun until it was too hot to be out there anymore. I had slept in, which is 9 AM, far later than I usually sleep out there. The guys got up and everyone was in for some coffee. After breakfast the guys were talking about going fishing, but I really was just interested in getting things going. I packed it up and decided to go. I made a quick hike out, about an hour from camp to car. This may have been my last trip for the season. We are on borrowed time now. Winter will be here soon to reclaim the mountains. A winter storm approaches this week and may put down our first significant snowfall of the season in our mountains. So the dirt dance may be coming to a close. Anythings possible and I would not be upset if I get one more before it is all said and done. Enjoy the pics, more adventures to come!

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  1. Nice! Sounds like a good time! I've been aching to get out and explore the Uintas ever since I went to Utah for the first time last fall.