Monday, May 2, 2016

Not Quite Corn- Apex Tour- 5.1.2016

Since the lower elevation trail heads were full as I predicted they would be, and we are still snowed in at high elevation, I decided to go on a corn hunt. Got to Solitude just before 10 AM and the snow was just starting to break. As we climbed it got warmer and softer. Once we got to the top of Apex it clouded over, and the temps dropped a few degrees. This set up the already softened snow pack. The sun came back out and we dropped in to ride home. We picked a line that was really smooth and fast. Still some gnar chunks in the tracks where the cat had driven across the snow. You had to be deliberate in your turn choice around those. It is supposed to warm up substantially this week, putting the upper elevations in full melt off. This may have been it for the season unless we have another storm. I'll keep the splitboard handy just in case we get a late season surprise. Good times getting after it one more time! Enjoy the video. More good times to be had!

Apex Tour- 5.1.2016 from Christian Paul on Vimeo.

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