Monday, April 25, 2016

Powderhorn Tour, Big Cottonwood Canyon- April 2016

With most of the resorts now closed, it is open season on their terrain. With most places still holding a 80-90" base, it is hard to pass up. We got a nice quick hitting storm on Saturday which put down 6-8" of really heavy snow. We made an early departure and headed up. We arrived to see a couple of other people with the same idea but that was it. We started in and were at mid mountain pretty quickly. Then we skinned up to the Eagle Ridge, and up the ridge to Powderhorn. It was nice up top, and we took it all in for a bit. After our break, we decided to change it over into ride mode and drop in for a run. We both dropped at the same time and got some really nice turns. As we got to the bottom of the run, we stopped to figure out what we wanted to do next.

We decided it was a very short boot pack up to Apex, so we unstrapped and booted up. The sun came a out blazing as we climbed, making it a warm one indeed. We took a moment to collect ourselves, and to see the tracks we had just put down on the hill. It was a nice line choice. Finally it was time to head to the bottom. The snow off Apex to the base was fast but thick, so in spots you just wanted to point it, steeps you could slash away. We ended the run with a cold one to celebrate being in the mountains once more. Seems like April is going out with one last winter blast. Enjoy the video from the day. More adventures to come!

Powderhorn Tour- 4.24.2016 from Christian Paul on Vimeo.

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