Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Retrospective- Christian Paul Photography

Another year of adventure in the mountains of Utah comes to a close. I have had an amazing year out in our wilderness for 2015. The times I have spent with my good friends and my family will be memories that I shall never forget. I feel I challenged myself pretty hard this year out there. And every time I was able to get in the mountains it always felt like going home. From big climbs on the splitboard, to grueling hikes, to dangerous storms, I survived them all. I set a record, for me on trail of 221 miles hiking and backpacking this past summer. That is a lot of walking! I was fortunate to go on adventures with good friends, and to reconnect with those from the past, and to make new friends that make our mountain family complete. Final tally for the year- 37 days snowboarding and splitboarding, 70 days hiking and backpacking, 27 days backcountry camping, 221 miles on trail, memories that will last with me a lifetime! This video contains my entire year, January to December, of my adventures in the mountains here in Utah. Sit back, get a beverage and a snack, and enjoy this video I put together of all of my adventures from the last year. What will 2016 bring? Stay tuned..........

2015 Retrospective from Christian Paul on Vimeo.

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