Monday, January 5, 2015

Willow Heights - 1.4.2015

I decided to start of the new year right, and get out on the splitboard for another tour. I have hiked Willow Heights in the summer up to Dry Lake, but I have always wanted to hit the west facing bowls in the winter. We rounded everyone up and headed to the trail head. It was a greasy skin track in the first section, as the traffic and south sun had pretty much cooked it. We made it up to the lake, and decided to cut up east from the lake. We followed a skin track through the woods and connected with the summer trail in the upper section of the drainage. We then began to ascend the steep section of the west bowl. I have to admit, I kind of got my rear end handed to me on this section. We finally topped out at about 9400 feet. We decided to dig a pit and test the stability as there had been two days in a row with a wind event. We did not yield results that would steer us away from the angle we were on. We then switched into riding mode, and dropped in. The upper section held some really soft and creamy turns. The lower section had some wind and sun damage, but was still fun to ride. The ride home out the summer trail was interesting to say the least. A great day in the mountains with friends. One I will not soon forget! Pray 4 Snow!

Willow Heights Tour 1.4.2015 from Christian Paul on Vimeo.

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