Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cuberant Basin, Uinta Mountains, Utah- August 2014

I always like to get out for my birthday. After a the long trip to the High Uintas, some maxing and relaxing was in order. We made a late departure on Friday and we set in to Cuberant Basin about 8:30 PM. We knew that we were going to be headlamping it, so we pushed a good pace to the Kamas Lake/Cuberant junction. It started to get pitch just past the junction, and we put on the headlamps and made our way up the pass on Mt Marsell. It was loose rock this time as it had been raining earlier in the day. It was quite a sight to see with the moon showing off in its crescent form, and to be standing on a 10,000 ft pass after dark. We pushed into the basin, and made our way off the pass. This would have been tough had I not visited this place many times before. We moved down to #2, then down to #3, which was occupied by some other campers. So we took the spot in the meadow just southwest of the lake.

It was actually a great spot, and we set up shop. My friend Chris has these great solar lights that are feather weight called the Luci Solar Lantern. They are great, they weight nothing, and they give a large amount of light. Helped us pitch camp in the dark, and provided us with some nice lighting in camp. We set up shop, and then got a fire going. There was a small meteor shower that we were lucky enough to see from our vantage point. Then we turned in. It was great to sleep once again in what I call the symphony of silence. Morning came and the weather was just beautiful. We made breakfast, then put it all together to give fishing a try. Chris got red hot right off the bat, like second cast he had one on. I had a bit more of a struggle to get things going, but eventually landed 4 nice brookies. We made our way around the northwest end of the lake, then a small rainstorm, no thunder, came in on the area.

We just pulled up under some trees and watched the rain fall on the lake. It was so quiet and peaceful, it took everything down a few notches. After the rain let up, we were back at it, and this time, I had the biggest brookie I have ever landed at this lake on the line. I always have good luck fishing after a rain storm. After a while, dusk started to set in, and we made our way back to camp for dinner and a fire. Once again, crystal clear night, and we had a nice fire to sit by as the evening came on. We turned in much earlier than previous nights, and what a great nights sleep it was. We awoke to a few more clouds in the area, but still just gorgeous weather. We kind of just hung in camp and had coffee, then slowly packed it up. We had a perfect hike out, flowers everywhere, the lighting was just right. We made it to the car, got the boots off and had a cold one. Sitting on the back of the truck, we were treated to a light shower, and some distant thunder which made the atmosphere just awesome. It was just what the doctor ordered, a relaxing trip, in the backcountry, and some fishing. I could not have asked for a better birthday trip. Enjoy the slideshow below. More adventures to come.

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